Sunday, July 12, 2015

Still competing for presidence

The front yard standout, hands down, is a cluster of Asiatic lillies that continues to flaunt its color scheme as well as its fragrance. This bunch bursts out the beginning of July each year and dazzles passers-by until, well, until about now, in spite of the heat and neighborhood water-rationing. Alway hate seeing the petals begin their seasonal cascade.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Soaking up the cool

Late morning and the heat index is climbing. So what do you do? Soak up as much fresh air as possible, in as cool a spot as you can find, before Bellingham temps hit 80 degrees or more for another day.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Boys gotta have their toys

A week into Casey's recovery and the boy is well on his way to catching a Frisbee again. The doctor's orders were to keep high activity on the down-low - no running, jumping, etc, etc. And so far so good. The incision looks great and you'd never know that he ever had surgery, a week and a half ago. So you know what, he deserves a reward, and nothing tops a new stuffed toy.

In fact this latest addition to his pile of Asian imported stuffed animals hasn't left his side for a couple of days.


Friday, June 26, 2015


Waiting at Happy Pooch
What a week! But the dust has finally settled after an unsettling encounter with a tumor discovered while being groomed by Melissa at Happy Pooch Styling and Spa three weeks ago. Long story short, Melissa was concerned about a subcutaneous lump in his groin that we might never have never noticed, that is until she gave him his summer haircut and found it. On her advise we took him to Fairhaven Veterinary Clinic that very same afternoon, and surgery to remove a suspicious tumor was successfully performed this week.

Well, the patient has been on the mend and is doing well. The mass was atypical and removing it was a good move. And the lab report for the tissue...benign. 

Not much sleep this week, needless to say, but we'll be back to normal soon. Casey is still adjusting to his new accessory, a post-op collar to keep him from exploring the incision. But now, following doctor Kris Johnson's orders to keep him fairly inactive for two weeks - no running, Frisbee, and on a leash - is the real challenge.

Rufus dilemma

Our resident rufus hummingbirds have been presented with a dilemma this week. The vibrant lucifers are bursting out almost within a beak's length from the liquid feeders. They love their one-to-one water/sugar troughs but the enticing flame-red blooms of the crocosmias have been irresistible.